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I appreciate your kind words! Writing is my passion and I try to write as much as I can.


Like many of you, I also work for a living and so don’t get to write as often as I would like. These words you share keep me motivated and any books you purchase help get me the time.

Regarding Montana:

Resplendent with unanswered questions and sweeping descriptions of the Montana landscape – Publishers Weekly

I’ve just finished reading “Montana”. I sincerely think this is one of the finest short stories I’ve ever read, period. The characters are very believable, and very likable. Your style is elegant and simple, with nothing superfluous, like the story itself. A pure delight!  – Didier, Belgium

Regarding Montana Winter:  

Amazing. This is literally the best story I’ve read in a long time! I’m excited to read it every morning! – J. Christopher, England

Regarding How to Bang:

Fantastic. Awesome story, the romance is top notch and the whole story is one huge seduction. This is a masterpiece. – Darrell L.

Thank you for a touching and compassionate read. It is as if you were looking into my heart.  – Candace S.

Regarding First Blush:

I like the characters and you describe well emotions. I loved the humor, the geek idea is fresh. Thank you for writing, can’t wait for next chapter. – Katryne, New Zealand

Ok…. I love it!!!! Like really, really, love it. Love that Eli is so shy but loves the dominant side of Greg!!  – Jen B.

Goodness me – you’ve captured much of what I have experienced. You must love your characters and feel what they feel as extensions of yourself.  Thank you. – Roland

I give up. I cannot find the right words to describe that, the characters were amazing…how do you do that? I have no talent as a writer, but my god, the depth to them… as with your other stories, I am immediately hooked, and find myself living vicariously through their lives…I am simply in love with your work…I’m going to stop typing now, since I’m running out of ways to say I liked that piece without repeating myself… – Rose B.

Regarding Marcy’s Playground:  

I just finished reading Marcy’s Playground, all 150 pages in one sitting.  Oh my, was it ever hot! ~fans self~  I loved the characters, they were very life like. As I was reading, I became invested in the story.  I had to stay and finish reading.  At times I wished I was Marcy. – Marissa A.

I didn’t put the iPad down until I’d finished. Fun, pleasant, erotic, believable, all the right elements.  Thanks.  Now to start on your other stories! – Chris C.

So nice to have a long, well-written, interesting story with great character development that’s also really hot. Bravo and thank you!   – Shiya, India

WHOA !!!! – I have never had my emotions rubbed so raw. I so identified with Marcy. I was just feeling my nerve ends getting ready to burst. Your writing is wonderful. I want to know more about all your characters.  Hope you write more about Marcy, JL, Bevvie, Evan and Heather. So much more we can learn from them. Thanks for getting this story written. – Alison

One of the best STORIES I have read. Marcy and the others were amazing people that felt so real that they came right off the pages so that I was seeing and hearing them as I read. I was hooked.
Great job!  – Avery G.

Beautiful character development – I love that there was a lot of dialogue and the story was so tight and well written.  Real characters and lovely development. Such a great story, lots of love, mixed with just the right amounts of lust and sex! Bravo! What a ride. Please keep writing.  – Friya

BEST STORY EVER!  This is simply the best I’ve ever come across. Characters, story line, plot, sex, it does it all for me.  Great job.  – John S.D.

Gawd. Where can I get a Jean-Luc & Evan? Please? I’ve been really good this year! I swear!Bianca A., Australia


I’m always excited to see a new story from you. I think you write brilliantly, with the ability to affect your readers and make them feel as if they are a part of the story. Your story lines are intriguing to say the least, and for me your characters always manage to linger a while in my consciousness. Hoping for more of your writing soon.


I love your characters. Not just in this story, but all of them. They have so much life and quirkiness. I hope to read more of this story in the future. – Hannah B., South Africa

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  1. Nicky

    Regarding Risk Your Heart
    I give the book a five-star rating because of literary cues and techniques to present an erotic story concisely and coherently. It’s a flawless narration of a twist in search of love for a woman who had experienced a past full of trauma and secrets. The book adequately presents the real-life situations, where love ends up being the final solace for troubled individuals just like Leah and Drew, who found happiness on each other regardless of the pains of their past. The book adequately portrays Robert’s prowess through suspense, humor, and love throughout the book, making it more interesting to read. The book is exciting for the selected audience, eighteen years and older.


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