Drummer Ryder avoids feelings since the tragedy. Now Lexi tests his reserve and sanity. Rule #1 of bands: You NEVER sleep with your friend’s sister when she’s in the band and he is too.

Life on a Montana ranch can be harsh. It’s lonely for Noah, growing up with just his brother. When Noah’s brother Clay hires Kevin, things immediately begin to change. Noah knows Kevin’s straight. But that doesn’t stop how Noah feels—the craving to touch and feel someone’s skin against his for the first time. Can Noah get Kevin to fall in love with him, and get him to stay?

One completely straight guy. One very dominant, very experienced musician. After weeks of tension and want, can the straight guy get over his fear to see if things will go as thermonuclear as they are in his mind?

Brad is a very straight guy who gets one random thought. Just one stray thought. That leads to another and another. And then a question. And then that thought becomes an obsession. That might just push him to venture to find out about gay-straight action.

Jake has harbored a secret crush for his boss for a long time. Will he finally work up his nerve to ask Ryan out? Maybe. Maybe, if it’s not a date. After all, Jake is a young wisecracking don’t hold me down type of guy. Not a date is just his speed. But can Ryan convince him that good sex is great, but real love is better?

James rescued Mariah from the worst moment of her life, but that night still affects her life ten years later.
After what happened to Mariah that night she’ll never be whole again, and she has to keep moving. Then the hero who saved her walks back into her life and she agrees to couch surf at his place during the holidays. Sparks ignite, winter heats up, lust roars and cravings bloom but both her career and her past demons drive her to keep moving; if she’s never still, she’ll never get hurt… so how can she stay?