Book 1 – Rock Hard: Chord Brothers

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Drummer Ryder avoids feelings since the tragedy. Now Lexi tests his reserve and sanity. Rule #1 of bands: You NEVER sleep with your friend’s sister when she’s in the band and he is too

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Drummer Ryder Chord has been living half a life since he was sixteen when a brutal tragedy strikes his family and he and his best friend hit the road. Ryder, desperate to forget, throws himself into touring life and writing music. When Lexi joins the band, Ryder’s life becomes almost tolerable. Until one day when the rest of the band isn’t there and Ryder and Lexi have to share a hotel room: with only one bed.

Rule number one of band-dom: You never sleep with anyone in the band.
Rule number one of bro code: You never sleep with anyone’s sister. You definitely never sleep with your best friend’s little sister.
Rule number it’s so obvious it’s a count even a drummer can keep: You Never. Ever. Sleep with your best friend’s little sister when she’s in the band…and he is too.

** “A moving, funny, white-hot sexy romp that fans of Lauren Blakely, Nora Roberts, and Janet Evanovich will love.” – Smart Woman’s Steamy Romance Reviews.


At about 2:19 AM I finally fall asleep. At around 3:30 there’s a soft knock on my door. I’m fully awake in an instant. Remembering how Lexi needed me when water was dripping on her head I jump up, run to the door and throw it open.

“Lexi, what’s wrong!” I put my hands on the side of her face. I search her expression, which seems, I don’t know, slightly scared, worried. Which makes me worried.

“Lexi, what is it?” I ask.

But she doesn’t say anything.  She just stares up at me. She’s wearing a short, silk burgundy-colored robe I’ve never seen before.

“Lexi, what is it?” I ask again. “What do you need?”

“You,” she says.


I blink. I stare down at her, and my brain refuses to understand. My tongue plasters to the roof of my mouth. Lexi reaches up and touches my biceps, and the spell that has me frozen is temporarily broken.

“Ryder? Ryder, say something.”

I blink again.

“Lexi. I’m not sure what you mean. I’m right here.”

Her voice is soft. So soft I have to bend down a little to hear her. I’ve been playing drums long enough that I have a bit of hearing loss.

“I can’t sleep without you. I haven’t been able to sleep since Detroit.”

I straighten up.  “Sure you have,” I say like an idiot. “You don’t toss and turn. You don’t get up.” I think of myself, the hours I spend staring at the ceiling of my own bunk.

“But I don’t really sleep, not well. Not deep sleep. Not like I slept when I was with you.”

Lexi takes a step closer, and the smell of bursting orange blossoms wafts up.

“Ryder…” she says softly.

She opens the sash of her robe, and it reveals a mostly see-through, burgundy-tinted babydoll nightgown that barely reaches the top of her thighs.


I groan.

“Lexi, we can’t.”

She closes that last inch between us and plants a tiny kiss on my chest. The barest of touches.

And I snap.

I grab her, haul her up my body, and smash our lips together. In two giants steps I’ve got her pressed against the wall, her legs wrapped around me, all the pent-up need and want I’ve been so good at keeping caged in, tethered, is pulsing out into her. I fist her hair, tilt her head, and plunder her mouth.

Fuck. God. She tastes so good. Incredible. God. Fuck.

“Lex…” I say as I break away.

“More,” she breathes.

“We shouldn’t,” I manage.

“Right,” she says, but then she kisses me again, and fuck, I don’t give a damn, because, yes, this is Lexi, and all I can think about is tasting her again, more, yes. How soft her tongue is and how out of control I am. I carry her to the bed and part of me tries to reel it in, take it slow, but I don’t want to. Not even a little.

I want to devour her. Every single inch.

Lexi. My Lexi.


Then I’m on top of her and nothing has ever felt more right in the whole world. The blood is pounding in my ears, and I kiss down her neck and then my hands are on her breasts, God, her breasts. I can’t think, everything becomes a haze of pure lust, heat, a throbbing sound of need, the contrast between hard and soft, and the perfection of our rhythm together.

I manage to break for a second. “Lex, are you sure?”

“So sure.”

9 reviews for Book 1 – Rock Hard: Chord Brothers

  1. Hopeless Romantic Reviews

    “Rock Hard has a lot to offer. Roberts brings on the sizzle while targeting the emotions. Lexi and Ryder electrify the soul with their haunting melody. Once you tune in, it’s hard to tune out.” – Hopeless Romantic Reviews

  2. Literary Titans

    “This is a great book about relationships, love, loss and the power and importance of human connection.”

  3. Book Review Directory

    “Rock Hard is ultimately a harmonious tale of friendship, family, and love. It is, in turns, sensual, poignant, sweet, and seductive, anchored by strong leads and an even stronger supporting cast of characters. A quintessential escapist read, this book will hit the right note with readers who like their love stories with an extra helping of spice along with the sugar and everything nice.” –

  4. Escapist Book Blog

    “This book is so much more than just the love story. This is very much Ryder’s story, his journey to deal with his demons and find happiness. It’s also a story of band life … the dizzying highs and the devastating lows, the teasing banter and arguments, and the incredible connection that ties the four of them together.”

  5. Wow From The Scarf Princess Review Blog

    “A well-crafted series starter with larger-than-life characters, a vividly depicted rock star world, and a slew of emotions that kept Lexi and Ryder’s HEA in doubt until the very end. They’re an engaging couple, fun and flirty in many of their interactions, and teeming with sexual tension as they evolved from friends to lovers …Surrounding this likable main couple was an equally memorable cast of secondary characters who had their own ups and downs throughout this book.

    Hard Chord is a tight-knit band with their playful and protective interactions, and I’m now counting down the days until I can jump back into their world.”

  6. Incidental Inspiration Blog

    “This book took me by surprise in all the best ways. At its heart it is the story of a traveling rock band made up of friends who are really family in all the ways that matter.

    Separately, Lexi and Ryder are dealing with some really heavy issues. Ryder’s point of view and thought process are a fascinating lens to see through as the story unfolds. Just beautiful writing around how he sees the world!

    Recommend this if you like a good Rockstar friends to lovers story!”

  7. Author Groupies

    ” I really enjoyed it. It had a bit of everything— a hot rocker, fun group of friends and a forbidden relationship. The story gave me so much more than just the fun forbidden romance.

    Ryder had a sad story in his past that made it hard for him to give his heart to her.

    Lexi also had a problem that kept her from giving all of herself to him.

    The other members of the band were hilarious and I am so glad there will be another book!”

  8. Moonlight Rendezvous

    “Rock Hard was an emotionally-charged romance about friends who decide that they want to be more… The chemistry between these two characters was amazing and I like watching their relationship grow over the course of this story. Now, I want the next book so I can get more of these characters.”

  9. Gin Reads Review

    “Fabulous! Not the usual rocker story with lots going on in this best friend’s sister, friends to lovers AND the forbidden band mates romance. Great start to a new series with wild and intriguing characters. I loved Ryder and his drummer mentality and quirky mannerisms. He reminds me of a college drummer friend of mine. Always in his head with timing and moving hands and feet to a beat that only he hears. His care and treatment of Lexi are wonderful. Sexy and dreamy! The drama ensues with some heart wrenching and real-life issues. The writing was interesting and really good with great character development and wonderful storytelling. I look forward to the next installment in this new terrific series by a marvelous author.”

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Rock Hard Book 1

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