Book 2 – Rock Harder: Chord Brothers

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Book 2 in the Rock Hard Series


I don’t want the date to be over. We get out of the Uber about twenty feet from the tour bus.

“Let me walk you to your door?” Hero says.

I huff out a half-laugh, smile, and nod. “Yeah, the marathon it is.”

“If it were, I would carry you,” he says softly as he takes my hand for the few steps it takes us to get to the bus.

He turns to me when we get there.

“Kate,” he says softly, saying my name reverently like it’s the best sound in the world. “That was the best date I’ve ever had.”

“And I bet you’ve had a thousand.”

Hero rolls his eyes and mumbles softly to himself under his breath, “I’m not Ryder or Hit Man.” He rolls his eyes again. “Yeah. Hundreds of thousands. That was still hands down the best.” He lightly caresses the top of my ear, a feather-light touch, but I feel it all over and I shiver. “And it’s not over yet.”

He looks down at my mouth, up into my eyes, down at my mouth again. His gaze burns. I know I shouldn’t. Know. But I feel powerless to stop it. The draw to him is so strong. Since that first day since I saw him by my sister’s car I’ve wondered what it would be like to kiss him.

I lick my lips.

He presses his mouth to mine, so gentle, but I can’t breathe. My heart is beating too fast. My lungs are too tight in my chest. My legs too weak to hold me up. He pulls back.

“Oh,” he says with a smile and takes a step back. “I guess I’m really bad at that.”

“My God, no! It’s not you, it’s me.” I grab the edges of his biker’s jacket. “I can’t think. I can’t get any oxygen to my brain when my world hangs in the balance because I want something so bad and I can’t have it.”

“You want something so bad?” he asks and one eyebrow goes up.

I blow a lock of hair off my forehead.

“Maybe you should do what you want,” he says, his voice sandpaper over steel. “Maybe you have to do what you want.” He puts his hands up in the surrender pose.

I can’t have him think I’m rejecting him, that I hate him.

I lean forward and I touch my lips to the corner of his mouth intent on letting him know he’s okay, but it’s like getting the first taste of the best chocolate in the world, but better. I tighten my grip on his jacket. His lips twitch. He pulls back.

I touch my lips to his. It’s a soft, barely-there, almost non-existent kiss. But this time my heart is singing and I exhale a sigh at its perfection.

He pulls back more and goes to the bus.

“Thank you for a perfect date, Angel,” he says over his shoulder.

I can’t help but be disappointed.

I follow him into the bus.

I spend way too long in the bathroom. I’m hiding out. I’ve brushed my teeth and my hair over and over, washed my face twice, looked at myself in my pink camisole and white girly boxers again and again. I feel different. More dissatisfied. More torn. More…hopeless. Less…whole. I feel different but I look the same. My heart aches. Did I think one chaste kiss would rid me of my secret lust for Jase? Prove my fantasies weren’t as good as reality so I could stop harboring this crush and move on? Did I really think that? Yeah. Part of me did.

I’m like an addict who says one grain of cocaine will stop her cravings.

Fat chance.

Well, now I know.

Unfortunately, I can’t sleep in this tiny bathroom, so I have to go out there. At least I’ve been in here so long I know he’ll be asleep.

I walk down the aisle, my head down, watching my feet as if in a trance. I’m reliving that barely-there kiss. Just the merest of tingling touches yet the most powerfully sensual one I’ve ever had.

Too late I look up to see Hero’s not sleeping but sitting up on the edge of his bunk.

“Angel,” he says, the edge to his voice so gruff and needy and powerful it’s almost angry. “You. Are. So. Beautiful.”

Hero stands up, spears one hand into my hair, places the other firmly on my lower back and presses me until I’m trapped against the bunks. He crashes his lips down onto mine. It’s blazing hot. He slants his mouth over mine. His tongue runs along the seam of my lips, begging for access and I part my lips for him, reveling in his taste. He uses his grip on my hair to tilt my head where he wants it, ravaging and taking, giving and pleasing, dancing. Overloading me with pleasure. It’s only his firm hand on my back that keeps me standing as my entire body burns too hot, my toes zinging, my core flooding, my brain short-circuiting.

I grab his shoulders because my want is overwhelming. I want to touch him everywhere and the desire is threating to overwhelm me to the point of panic. He’s just wearing his sleep boxers and his body heat is so perfect, so male, necessary, that I need more of it, right now, but I can’t handle it.

Because it’s more joy than I’ve ever had and it’s so fast, so new. My wants are running rampant. I can’t touch him everywhere fast enough.

He grabs both my hands in one of his and pins them together in front of my chest.

“No,” he says firmly.

My head is spinning in a haze of lust and I don’t understand what he says. I’m breathing so hard I’m worried I’ll hyperventilate. I need him so much. I struggle. But my hands are trapped between us and my two wrists against his big hand is no contest.

“No?” I ask breathily.

He nips my bottom lip.

He kisses my jaw, the top of my shoulder, gently nudging the thin strap of my camisole, the sensitive spot behind my ear that makes my whole body turn to jelly.

“No,” he says again quietly.

He pulls back. It feels like my whole body is faltering, and every cell is straining toward him, craving and straining and crying.

He lets me go.

My body actually leans toward him, my hands still clasped in front of my chest as he lies down on his bed and turns away from me, hugging his body pillow.

“Goodnight, Angel,” he says firmly.

11 reviews for Book 2 – Rock Harder: Chord Brothers

  1. Noshad Ali

    I have been reading all books from this series.
    Simply awesome

  2. David K

    This was an excellent book, and excellent story. This writer is awesome the way she weaves everything together in the story. Read the book!



  4. J. Faltys

    As a fan of rock star romances I was drawn to this book. Having read the previous book in this series also had me wanting to read this as I fell for these characters from the very start. It’s a story of secrets and sizzle found amongst the pages of this emotionally engaging romance that will pull readers along in a captivating journey to HEA.

    The band Hard Chord is becoming even more well-known in this second installment in the series which leads to the filming of a music video that has a shocking impact on best friends Ryder and Jase. In the previous book readers discovered the sad event that binds these two men together-the death of Ryder’s sister who Jase was in love with-and it plays a role in this book too. It causes a moment of heart wrenching pain for Ryder, who’s love for Lexi is helping him heal from the past, while making Jase question his feelings for the model who shows up for the video shoot. With each turn of the page Jase continues to struggle with his feelings for Kate in a push/pull romance that sometimes frustrated me while making me blush at other times. Through it all Jase is a drool-worthy hero, one who takes the time to get to know Kate. Her face might look like his dead love, but she’s a woman trying to forge her own path who fears for her future if she gives into the temptation of Jase. It’s an instant attraction for him who slowly flirts with her, woos her through sweet and sensual words and deeds, and who will take any bit of attention she throws his way. He charmed me every step of the way with his fun and flirty attitude, while never rushing Kate into something more until she’s ready. He has a kind heart and is self-sacrificing, which is especially on display when Kate’s job gets put in jeopardy for being with him. From the first page to the last it’s clear that he’s drawn to Kate just for herself and his commitment to claiming her had me rooting him on every step of the way.

    Kate’s last job as a model took her to the set of a music video which introduced her to an unforgettable band who changed her life irrevocably. Seeing Jase is like getting hit by an electric charge, just looking at him makes her burn though she knows that being with him can lead to nothing good. Becoming the PR person for rock band Zeet Fleet, who are mentored by Hard Chord, is the opportunity of a lifetime and is something she doesn’t want to screw up as she has something to prove to her judgmental father. Working with Zeet Fleet though means lots of time spent with Hard Chord…and Jase…and makes it even harder to keep saying no. If she wants to keep her job though she’ll have to keep fighting her feelings for the man who charms her at every turn. Kate’s a likable character, a strong-willed one who loves her sister and who’s trying to do all that she can to make things better for the two of them. Her interactions with Jase were playful early on and oozed sexual tension. I was impressed by her resistance at times while frustrated by her at other times as he’s a decadent delight that I couldn’t say no to!

    On a whole this was an enjoyable romance set against the backdrop of the rock world with scenes both on stage and off. The bandmates of both Zeet Fleet and Hard Chord were larger than life with interactions between them both playful and familial. Their interactions often put a smile on my face and were a definite highlight of this story. Each character practically jumped off the page and I definitely hope we get more stories about the bandmates of both of these bands. Jase and Kate were a crackling couple whose push/pull frustrated me while keeping me on edge in desperate anticipation. Their issues were real and handled in a believable manner by Ms. Roberts. There’s much to love about this book but there is one small quibble I had and that was that a lot of time was spent early on with Zeet Fleet. I almost forgot about Hard Chord a time or two as it seemed like the story wasn’t supposed to be about them. Thankfully Jase was there to call or text Kate and remind me of their exhilarating journey to HEA. From start to finish I found this a delightful read that is another wonderful addition to the genre that I highly recommend to others!

  5. Donna Wright

    God I love me a rockstar romance and this wasn’t any different to some I have read, it however was from the start of the series, not all millionaires and money. It was starting from the grass roots and showed the slow rise to fame.

    This book sort of branches off from the first book with the same heartache that was felt in regards to Jase’s lost love, who happens to be Ryder’s twin sister (all is told in book 1). I did lose my temper and grow really frustrated with this book as it was a little to much push me, pull me and I felt the need to scream and shake the life back into some people, especially Jase.

    All in all this book was great, with scenes both on and off stage. Now Jase isn’t the only troubled one in this book, Kate has her own story and troubles and as the story progress you see it all come to a head.

    All in all The Chord Brothers and Hard Chord are definitely making a great impact on me. This is certainly a good recommend from me. Enjoy!

  6. Jennifer Pierson

    I’m a sucker for Rock Star romance, so I was all in before I even turned a page. Rock Harder definitely packs an emotional punch, followed by some frustrating push & pull that had me ready to actually choke out the hero, Jase, the bassist for Hard Chord, as they’re starting to really take off, and the heroine, Kate, who had her own issues as well. Jase lost the love of his life, who was his best friend & band mates, twin sister, and the two of them have been treading water for a while. When Kate comes into his life, he’s sure that he’s seen a ghost, as she’s a dead ringer for his gone by not forgotten love. Kate has her own issues like I said above, as she’s focused on making a good life for her & her sister, so she has no time for any sort of delicious distractions. Once Jase got over his shock, he became determined to really get to know Kate, as the attraction to her was strong, and only getting stronger as he took the time to actually get to know her. They had crazy hot chemistry from the get go, but that push & pull though. However, a huge twist comes along which puts Kate’s job in jeopardy, so I was dropping some big f-bombs because I was on the edge of my seat throughout, and man, my head almost exploded. I LOVED me some Hard Chord, but I also LOVED the Zeet Fleet band as well. So how does it all pan out?! Just give it a try by one clicking, as I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  7. Tara Peters

    Jase and Kate had an undeniable attraction to each other, but they each had secrets as well. She looked exactly like his best friend’s twin, who was also the love of his life. She was also the daughter of a prominent man and she was looking for his approval, which you don’t find out all of the details about until late into the book.
    Jase knew what he wanted and that was Kate. Even when she pushed him away, he was solid in spending any time with her that he could. He was willing to be her friend, but he knew he wanted more. He had me swooning from time to time. He admitted he didn’t know what he could do to make her choose him, but he didn’t shy away from the goal, a relationship with her. He even told her over and over that he would never quit.
    Kate was a woman who wanted Jase, but after a not so subtle threat from her brother (her whole family were jerks, especially her father), she needs to stay away from him. Little by little, she gets to know him and the rest of Hard Chord, and realizes that keeping her guard up is going to be difficult. It was hard enough as the PR person for the other band on the tour, but when she learns that she is also going to be doing PR for Hard Chord, it becomes even harder.
    Once Jase and the rest of the gang learn what Kate has been keeping from them, they vow to help her. The only promblem; Jase realizes that she can’t have her dream and have him. So he makes the hardest, most unthinkable sacrifice for her happiness. Whether there’s a chance for them is up in the air, but one thing holds true; they are both miserable without eachother.
    This book had me so happy, confused, sad, and irritated at times. But, that is what makes a great book. The characters were great. Kate was strong, yet in some ways, starving for attention. Jase was always the responsible one, even in Rock Hard, he was the strength when Ryder needed him most. He had a tender side to him that he didn’t let everyone see. His sacrifice was heartstoppingly wonderful, yet scary. I can’t wait to see what happens with Cole in his book. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.

  8. AurenRose

    It was so nice to get back to this Rockstar world! Love every member of Hard Chord, not to mention Zeet Fleet. I missed being on tour and seeing how this assortment of characters banters and plays. It’s fun and engaging and entertaining!
    This story introduces us to Kate and helps us focus on Jase, the bassist of Hard Chord. Kate’s got a pretty dark history, and she’s also been hired to be the publicist for Zeet Fleet. This situation forces her to keep her distance from Jase, despite the really strong chemistry the two have. It’s tense and painful and quite a ride to see the two coming together as friends and a couple!
    Always worth a read if you like Rockstar romance!

  9. Angeloris

    Rock Harder is an emotional story that keeps you stuck to its pages.

    I admired Kate. She worked hard, and was always willing to do he right thing. Her pride stood in her way a lot, but I understood why she had her secrets.

    Jase was totally awesome. I loved his persistence. Even when he feared being pathetic, he always tried to make Kate see how deep his feelings for her ran.

    Kate & Jase were a great couple. I was a little scared for them at some points, but their journey was all the more interesting for the near misses and obstacles.

    I would love to read the others in the series.

  10. Isha Coleman

    Roberts takes emotions inside a riddle of the heart. Jase and Kate are haunting melody that never stops luring you deeper into their song. Rock Harder turned the voice of tragedy into a crescendo that kept calling my name. Gritty, gut-wrenching, captivating.

  11. Carol P

    I was sent this book by the author and have quickly purchased book 2.the story grips you from the start as you unravel the history behind Ryders traumatic past and how it is affecting his life now.Its and fast paced.I fell in love with all the characters and can’t wait to see where book 2 takes them.Also the music .movie and TV shows playing through the book are all my favourites !

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