My stories, novels, and excerpts crossed over the two million downloaded milestone.  In celebration, I took one morning off at the beach and then, you guessed it, went back to writing.

The novellas Montana, Montana Winter, Not A Date, First Blush, and Straight Through have topped the All Romance eBooks best seller lists.  Montana Winter and Not A Date both beat out 14,000 other stories to be voted into two of the top three slots on Lit’s erotica top gay male stories list.

Montana and First Blush have been released as audiobooks. The rest of M. J. Roberts books will be available on audio soon.

I’m currently working on multiple books at the same time.  Here they are—in no particular order—with short blurbs.

Grayson and his sister, Kinley, easily manage serene life in their pack. But when twins show up with a story of a vicious attack—supposedly from mythical monsters—Grayson and Kinley are going to have mystery, war, and romance on their hands.

Thou Shall Not Scream – Serafina is running from something, Liam is sure of it.  People don’t come to the highest peak in Colorado and then just drop off the grid for no reason.  The mysterious, curvy brunette has captured his imagination, and his curiosity, not to mention the sexual tension every time he does manage to run into her, just won’t let go.  She’s definitely in some kind of trouble.  Liam isn’t pushy and Serafina is not about to share.    But how intimate can two people really get when there’s always something untold between them?  It’s a conundrum for Liam because Sera’s not the only one with secrets.