Literary Titan Book Award – Gold Medal 2019

Literary Titan Awards are given to books that have astounded and amazed the Titan judges with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas.

Drummer Ryder avoids feelings since the tragedy. Now Lexi tests his reserve and sanity. Rule #1 of bands: You NEVER sleep with your friend’s sister when she’s in the band and he is too.

Risk Your Heart won 1st place in the Summer Lovin’ contest, 2015.

Guys like Drew don’t belong with people who are as deeply broken as Leah. Fate throws them together, but will the trauma from Leah’s past keep them apart?

Marcy’s Playground

Marcy’s Playground won a coveted award in the Summer Lovin’ contest, 2014. Marcy’s Playground earned the # 2 spot on the Lit Highest Rated “First Time” Stories, and maintained that ranking, beating 5,420 other stories in that category.

Marcy unfairly loses her job and the hunt for a new one isn’t easy for a quiet, shy, book-loving girl. A job practically falls in her lap as a receptionist for a club catering to very specific tastes. A virgin in a sex club? —That has to be the start of some sort of cosmic joke.

The new world she’s introduced to leads to a sizzling summer where Marcy discovers love, sex, and romance… and learns even more about herself.

Montana Writer

Montana Winter won Literotica’s best story, February 2013. Montana Winter beat out over 12,900 other stories to be #1 ranking on the Lit Highest Rated Gay Male Stories of All Time List, 14 weeks in a row. Montana Winter stayed in the top three on that ranking list for over a year.

Noah’s been alone for a long time. After dealing with loss Noah turns the family ranch into a bed and breakfast and therapeutic horseback-riding center. Then, a few days before Christmas, a special guest from Chicago comes to stay for a holiday visit at the ranch. As long as Noah keeps his eyes open, protects his heart, and doesn’t get in too deep, maybe it can be a really Merry Christmas.


Not a Date

Not A Date made the All Romance Best Sellers list and received the Best Seller seal by All Romance Ebooks in 2015. 

Jake has harbored a secret crush for a long time. Jake is a young copywriter, funny, slightly flippant, with a penchant for Batman.

Ryan is strong, quiet, serious, mysterious, and Jake’s boss. Will Jake finally work up his nerve to ask Ryan out? Maybe. Maybe, if it’s not a date. Not a date is just his speed. But can Ryan convince him that good sex is great, but real love is better?


How to Bang: The Drummer’s Story

How to Bang: The Drummer’s Story made the All Romance Best Sellers list and received the Best Seller seal by All Romance Ebooks in 2014.

Matt’s a typical bassist. Sleep ‘til noon, grab a burger, go to the gig. Oh, and he’s straight. When Aaron, a new drummer, joins the band at the last minute Matt couldn’t possibly know it would change his life forever. Just who is teaching whom how to bang?


First Blush

First Blush made the All Romance Best Sellers list and received the Best Seller seal by All Romance Ebooks in 2013.

Eli is an inexperienced math geek. He wants the real connection he sees between couples in his community but his shyness doesn’t help.

Greg is a physics professor who is instantly attracted to Eli and would like to show him the way. Can Greg be gentle enough to coax Eli into all the pleasures a great relationship has to offer?



Montana made the All Romance Best Sellers list and received the Best Seller seal by All Romance Ebooks in 2013.

Life is lonely for Noah, growing up with just his brother. When Noah’s brother hires Kevin, things immediately begin to change. Noah knows Kevin’s straight. But that doesn’t stop how Noah feels. Can Noah get Kevin to fall in love with him, and get him to stay?


Almost all the M. J. Roberts stories have been rated over 4.5 stars out of five, and if you love them, that’s the greatest award of all!