Questions for Sass Green
Author, Rich & Sexy



Question: Why (and when) did you decide to write romance novels? What kind of romance novels do you write?

I write Romantic Comedy, focusing on Billionaires and Vampires. Isn’t it true they are one of the same? 



Question: What are your favorite types of romance novels to read? Who are your favorite romance authors? How much time do you spend reading?

I spend the entire night reading on my iPad (Kindle app)! I love kindle Unlimited for that reason. I can read more than five books a day.

At University I was an English major. So I still love the classics. I love classic stories of ambitious girls fighting to catch the “right man.” 



Question: What are your favorite non-romance genres?

I love archeology of ancient Egypt and books about spells and magic.



Question: What has been your best experience as an author so far?



I love getting email from fans about their favorite parts of the books I write. 



Question: What sort of challenges have you faced as a writer? How did you overcome them?



I use a timer and different timing software to fill pages in a set amount of time.  



Question: How do you research and plan your books? Do you find outlining helps or hinders your process?

I love the research part of the writing process. I need to know every detail about historic places before I write the scene. 



Question: Have you learned anything really cool or interesting while researching your books? What’s been the weirdest research you’ve ever had to do?



What a great question! Rich & Sexy doesn’t have magic in it (it does have ghosts!) …

… but for another book I had to “feel” how an ancient coin gives off vibrations. I happen to have an ancient coin from somewhere in Mesopotamia. So I put my hand over it until I could feel a vibration.



Question: What advice would you give to new romance writers in the field?

I’ve been a member of the Romance Writers of America for a long time. I’ve joined some key groups and the members really helped me enormously.



Question: Tell us a little about your writing nook! Favorite tea/coffee/writing snack?

I feel a writer should be able to write “anywhere.” I’ve written on an old Mac laptop while riding in an even older van through the bumpy roads of Chile (S. America).  



Many times the bumps deleted whole passages.

My preferred method is at a desk with a giant screen. 



Question: Of all of your own characters, who would you most want to date? 

The vampire, of course! Maybe you’re surprised I didn’t say the billionaire.

Let me tell you, billionaires have issues. It’s not like vampires don’t have issues. But when you compare the two together, the vampire is always the kinder, gentler of the two.

Vampires are also loyal, which billionaires are not.

Billionaires often need to be babied. A woman must cater to their every whim and desire. And they are fickle. Plus, they never put their cell phones down. Ever! Even in a romantic frenzy.



It’s also difficult to reason with a billionaire. They are linear thinkers. Vampires have lived for centuries so they’re cool and open about everything.

Rich & Sexy features two billionaires. Both gorgeous and wealthy.

Stunning Nick Drago is a hard-muscled, 40, and a self-made man. His great grandfather was a NYC mobster, so that forms a lot of his character. He talks rough but has a soft heart, especially for girlfriends to whom he is a mentor and protector. 



Beck Marks is only 25 and a billionaire because of a family inheritance. Though good looking, he’s stiff, rigid, and women see him as controlling.

On the contrary, Vampire Count Andrei Varja is gorgeous and rich. Though he’s an international playboy, women see him as a good trustworthy friend.



Question: If you had to be a fictional hero from any book or movie, who would you be and why?

Great question, first I should say the men I find sexy and desirable I would never marry!

Except one man! George Blagden, who played King Louis XIV in the Netflix series. 

Watching him play the Sun King motivated me to buy all the biographies of the real Louis XIV. Unfortunately, the real king did not appear to be as good looking, but history says he did have charm.

And oh yes, Regé-Jean Page who played the Duke in Bridgerton. This character has pure sex appeal … I’m not sure I’d find him all that trustworthy and would likely not accept his marriage proposal unless the producers guaranteed we’d live happily ever after.



Question: What project are you currently working on?

I’m finishing my Vampire series. You can read the prequel free with this link.



Author Bio:

Based in Manhattan, Sass Green is a travel writer hopscotching across the world … that is, when she isn’t writing about billionaires and vampires. 



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Question: Tell us a little about your new release:

Rich & Sexy is out now! It’s a collection of fun, sexy short stories.



























Question: Where did your writing inspiration for the book come from?



























A combination of knowing a lot of rich, sexy people and also reading about the rich and famous.



























Question: Did you outline the story, or dive right in? What’s your process? 



























I initially wrote this book as a series of short stories. I wanted to keep it focused on a narrow group of fun, engaging characters. 



























Question: What’s next for this story – is it part of a series? When does it come out? 

The second volume of Rich & Sexy will be out this summer!



























Share an Excerpt:
This is an Excerpt from Rich & Sexy, Vol 1
(Nina’s Story)



























 I smell him before I see him.



























A delicious assemblage of musk and spice, with a top note of too much beer from last night’s party.



























I’m sitting on a stiff, prefabricated blue seat in the boarding area of American Airlines at LAX airport.



























I keep my eyes on the novel on my iPhone screen. But I’m only fake reading. I’m really trying to imagine what he’d look like before I set eyes on him.



























It’s always fun to test my senses, figure out what people look like from smell alone.



























Muscular thighs, I’m guessing.



























And arms to match.



























That spicy note of his scent also suggests he’s the type to go to a high-end fitness club like Equinox.



























I feel his presence coming near me.



























And sure enough, he sits right next to me.



























“Hey. I saw what you did up there.”



























His voice is deep, commanding. A sexy voice.



























I turn to look at him. He’s good-looking for an older guy. He must be at least 35. Maybe 40.



























“Did up where?” My smile is innocent.



























“Give up your seat to that pregnant lady.”



























“I figured she needed an aisle seat more than me.”



























“You live in Manhattan?” His broad shoulders invading my personal space as he turns toward me.



























“Actually, it’s my first time. And you?”



























“Born and bred,” he says, with that confident swagger I associate with New York guys.



























The swagger excites me.



























“My mother warned me to watch out for guys from New York.” My tone is provocative. Though it’s not all just a tease. My mother really said that on the phone less than a half hour ago.



























“Why are New York guys different from Southern California guys?”



























“They just are.”



























“Hey, if you’re a New York City native, what’s the best way to get from JFK to Third Avenue?”



























Before he can respond, the airline agent calls first-class passengers. My sexy neighbor stands. “Have a pleasant flight.



























Twenty minutes later, I scan my ticket before passing through the turn style. The machine beeps and lights flash red.



























The gate agent takes my ticket. Then she replaces it with a new one. “It’s your lucky day. We have upgraded you to first class.”



























I eagerly roll my suitcase down the jet bridge, excited to sit in first class for the first time.



























When I get to my row, I’m not surprised to see the salty smelling stranger in the empty seat next to mine.



























“What a coincidence. We meet again.”



























He stands to let me pass to the window seat. Man, is he a big guy. All muscle. Then he makes quick work of deftly taking my heavy suitcase and hoisting it into the overhead bin like it’s a toy.



























“Champagne Sir? Miss?” says the flight attendant, holding a tray of glasses.



























“Wait, are you sure you’re old enough to drink,” he asks me, with a sexy grin.



























“As of this past June.” I take a sip of the liquid the flight attendant passed to me.



























“Wait! This isn’t Champagne!”



























“How do you know?” he asks.



























“First, the bubbles. They’re too big. Then there isn’t the aroma of brioche“



























“A smartass! Tell me how a just-turned 21-year-old, savvy enough to tell the difference between Champagne and Prosecco, can’t afford to take a taxi to downtown Manhattan.”



























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