Rock In A Hard Place: Kenner Brothers, Book 2: Rock Hard series: Book 7



Prepare for heartbreak and reformation with the wildest musical Kenner Brother in Rock In A Hard Place.

Overkill "Keys" Kenner has a secret, one that he keeps from even his close-knit family, a deep ache that daily tears him apart. It all started with his high school sweetheart, the girl he never got over and who never, ever wants him back.

Sharona Milo has built a complete life for herself. She's the epitome of independence. Whatever the trial, she'll take care of it. She's not exactly happy when handsome player Overkill waltzes back into her life like a hero and wants to pick up where they left off years ago.

Their feelings are tangled up. Their anger is just as combustible as their sexual tension. And Overkill's "secret" is now something that desperately needs attention.

Despite Overkill's past, now he'll do anything to get Sharona back. She's vowed to never forgive him. Worse, can he ever forgive himself?

Hot sex? Check. Happily ever after? Not damn likely.


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